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Nicholas Hurd Developer of The Contractor's Profit System
Nicholas Hurd
Developer of The Contractor’s Profit System

The Proven System that You Use to Create Profitable Estimates that Make Money Consistently Job After Job

Are YOU one of  the thousands of contractors who are:

  • looking for a better way of estimating your jobs
  • AND making money consistently?

Then this is information that could change your life.

I’ll share more about that in a minute.

But first…

Hi! – My Name is Nicholas Hurd

And,  I have been developing software with and for contractors since 1977. Originally, I only worked with large contractors because they were the only ones that could afford the hardware and software for their operations.

Working with these large, successful, contractors gave me an inside look at what it takes to be successful in the construction business. And, while estimating is certainly a key component in their success, keeping track of costs was the keystone of their success.

Saving $40,000+

Let me give you one very big example. One of my clients was doing an interior renovation of a hospital. This is a multi-million dollar project that was scheduled to take over a year.  In week 3 of the year project, they discovered that 90% of their budget for doors had been spent. Something was not right. It turns out that they had a new super on the job. The doors they received from the supplier were defective. The super was having his crew fix the defects. Management put a quick stop to that and charged back the supplier. Catching that one issue saved the contractor much more than the $40,000 they paid for the system… in 1970s money. What would that be worth today?

PCs Finally Arrive

In the early 80s, at the dawn of the PC, I decided that I wanted to help smaller contractors. I created a system called MicroPower. It was a complete estimating, accounting, payroll, and job cost system designed specifically for contractors. We sold over 300 systems throughout California, the U.S., and Internationally. I sold the business in the early ’90s to another company.

QuickBooks® Comes to Town

One of the comments I heard when talking with contractors was they were using QuickBooks for their accounting. And, that made sense. QuickBooks was and is an easy-to-use bookkeeping system. And, it is inexpensive.

That gave me an idea! I figured if contractors could use QuickBooks for accounting and job costs I could write an easy-to-use estimating system that would integrate with QuickBooks. It would create job budgets that the contractor could use to track his jobs.

And, The Contractor’s Profit System™ with LiteningFast Estimating™ was born

It was the first system to integrate construction budgets in QuickBooks. And, we got a glowing review in “The Journal of Light Construction”.  There were comments like: “Simple to Learn and Use” and “LiteningFast does what you expect it to do without requiring much effort on the part of the user.”

The Secrets to Making Money

I wrote this book in 2009 as another way of helping small and medium-sized contractors thrive in today’s competitive world. The forward to the book was written by Mike Weiss who was the training manager for the National Association of Homebuilders at the time. And, he was also a client of LiteningFast Estimating.

Remember the $40,000?

Realistically, you may not save $40,000 following my recommendations. What if you saved “only” $5,000 or $10,000 a year? Money that you are currently leaving on the table! Money that you have no idea where it went. How would that extra cash in your bank account feel? How could you improve your business with that extra cash? What could you do with your family with that extra money?

The “7 Estimating Secrets” will change the way you think about estimating and job cost. Click here to learn more about the “7 Estimating Secrets”.

My Book on Amazon

The Contractor’s Profit System was introduced years ago and has over 4,000 users. The program is a desktop app that requires a PC to function. In 2021 we decided to move into the 21 century and develop a mobile app that will work on any mobile device.

The Contractor’s Profit System Mobile provides all the functions and features of the original desktop app.

  1. Your estimates by sections, like foundations, framing, roofing, etc.
    This means that you will be able to find duplicated or missed items in your estimates. And, you clients will love the organization of your estimates when you present to them.
  2. Measurable Items are the core of making money on your estimates
    When you estimate with measurable items, you can find where you are making money and adjust losing items to make money on your next estimate.
  3. Simplified budgets make it easy for you to track the costs of your jobs
    Many contractors do not track the costs for their jobs because they think it is to hard or too much work. And, if you are attempting to track each nut, bolt and screw, it is! Simplified budgets take the drudgery out of tracking your job costs.
  4. You will find the integration with QuickBooks increases the confidence level in your estimates
    At the click of a button simplified budgets are created in QuickBooks so you can track your costs as you pay your bills. You will receive a copy of “How to Wring Every Dollar out of Your Projects Using QuickBooks”. This e-book illustrates how you use QuickBooks to maximize your profits, job after job.

Click here to hear and see our customer testimonials and secure your copy of The Contractor’s Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating.